Yarram and District Health

Using video to help older patients access information about health care

About the project

Yarram and District Health Service (YDHS) recognised that the majority of patients who fall or develop pressure injuries are over the age of 65. They also perceived that many older patients have difficulty reading and comprehending the range of medical information provided on admission.

To address these issues, YDHS designed a project to empower patients to request more information, to provide feedback and to speak up if their condition changes. This involved the design and development of four videos to be viewed by consumers during hospital admission and in their patient rooms.

Consumers and carers were broadly consulted during the design process and provided advice on the content and language during video production. This process included Koori participants from Wulgunggo Ngalu Learning Place.

“We commend Yarram and District Health’s focus on the specific challenges faced by many ageing patients in understanding information presented at admission and discharge…demonstrating that new technology can be applied to ageing problems”

– Danny Vadasz, CEO Health Issues Centre

The videos can be viewed here:

Video 1: Yarram and District Health Service – Identification  

Video 2: Yarram and District Health Service – Preventing Falls

Video 3: Yarram and District Health Service – Preventing Infection

Video 4: Yarram and District Health Service – Preventing Pressure Injuries

As intended by YDHS, these videos can be used as a patient resource in any health service across Australia. Please contact Health Issues Centre to inquire about using the videos in your health service.

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