Victorian Health Budget

The Victorian State Budget for 2015-2016 was released on Tuesday, 5 May 2015. This new budget represents a six per cent increase in overall funding for health.

$2.1 billion has been allocated for hospitals, ambulances and health funding, which includes $248.8 million to reduce emergency waiting times and elective surgery lists this year.

There is also a significant overall increase in health funding for acute care, community care and drug and alcohol services. There will be 100 new hospital beds funded in areas of most need. It is expected that these beds will enable 20,000 additional patients to be treated over the coming year.

The State Government has also committed $200 million over the next four years to a dedicated Women's and Children's Hospital in St Albans, along with $560 million in upgrades to hospitals in some of the state's fastest-growing regions.

Casey Hospital in the south-east will receive $106 million, while $85 million will be put towards the redevelopment and expansion of Mercy Hospital in Werribee, where six new operating theatres and 64 new beds will be added.

Other health-related budget announcements included:

  • $15 million to planning and early works for a 195-bed heart hospital at Monash University's Clayton campus.
  • $60 million over the next year to reduce elective surgery waiting times, along with an extra $99 million to ambulance services. 
  • $117.8 million increase in mental health funding
  • $26 million towards tackling use of the drug ice in rural communities
  • The revival of a whooping cough vaccination program
  • $28.7 million to enable 15 metropolitan and five rural pharmacies to remain open at all hours to take some strain off hospital emergency departments.
  • A new helipad on the roof the Monash Children's Hospital
  • $300,000 to plan for a real-time prescription monitoring system

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