Practice Partners Program Recipients

After receiving over twenty applications from diverse health and community services around Victoria, Health Issues Centre is excited to announce the recipients of the second round of funding for the Practice Partners Program.

The applications for this round of funding have focused on topics such as consumer engagement, patient-centred care, and the different ways to highlight consumer voices and experiences.

Each of the applications was reviewed by a panel of four judges and were matched against key selection criteria from the application guidelines. The panel was made up of two Health Issues Centre staff and two consumers “interested to hear of the successful candidates and learn of their progress.”

Danny Vadasz, CEO of Health Issues Centre, said that “the quality of applications that we received this year was outstanding and the response from health and community services has been incredible. We look forward to continue working with health services to ensure consumers have the best possible outcomes.”

The successful recipients of funding for 2017 are Link Health and Community, Yarram and District Health Services, and North Richmond Community Health.

Link Health and Community will be undertaking a project that seeks to understand the health and well-being needs of the Rohingya community in Melbourne’s south east. The mostly male community is made up of refugee and asylum seekers who do not have a written language.

You can find out more about their project here.

Yarram and District Health Service has recognised that the majority of patients who fall or develop pressure injuries are over the age of 65. The staff also understand that many older patients have difficulty reading and comprehending the range of medical information provided on admission. 

You can find out more about their project here.

North Richmond Community Health acknowledges that health care organisations must be more responsive to the needs of patients and not just deliver predetermined services. The project they are undertaking will help share the health care experiences of the area's diverse community. This will help health care professionals understand a different perspective on service delivery.

You can find out more about their project here.

We look forward to seeing their projects come to life in 2017!

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