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Emergency Medicine Events Register

Did you know that consumers (patients / family / carers) can report their experience direct to the Emergency Medicine Events Register (EMER) using the Consumer Reporting Portal located on the home page of the EMER website

What is EMER?
EMER is a unique on-line reporting platform that is anonymous and confidential.

What will happen?

By reporting what happened and what you think could have been done better, your experience and input contributes to health staff education and research in improving the safety and quality of treatment, care and patient and family involvement in emergency departments in Australia and overseas.

Please note that EMER is not part of the hospital feedback/complaints system. If you wish to give feedback directly to the hospital, please use the hospital feedback form / service.

For more information: 

Please contact Anita Deakin - Research Fellow, Australian Patient Safety Foundation - (08) 83021208 or  0411136766 or via email.

Published 29 June 2017 by

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