Our video production process

The process of making a video starts with you. You’ve made a decision that you need a video. So, what next?

Health Issues Centre can help you make that video. But naturally we will want to know more about your project –what does it need to say exactly and how do you want it to look. Who is your audience exactly?  We can help gather the answers to all these questions by asking you to fill in a form. The form will become a ‘brief’ for your video. Be as creative or as detailed as you like when filling the form. This is our starting point to come up with creative ideas to bring your vision to life.

After we have agreed on the idea for the video, the next step is scriptwriting. This is where we describe what actions will be seen onscreen, and what dialogue will be spoken in the video. HIC will prepare a script which we will workshop with you.

Film Itinerary

As soon as we know what we are filming, we can develop the film itinerary. Where and when are we filming? How many hours of filming and editing is needed for the concept? How much travel time is needed for moving equipment to each location?

Then we get creative! We will want to make decisions about the look of the video. This includes talking about branding, colours, the backgrounds people will be interviewed in front of and the overall mood of the video.

Once style, scheduling and script have been locked in, our videographer will prepare a quote that covers the filming and editing hours needed to make the video.


On the day of the filming, our team will arrive at the location and film everything that needs to be covered according to the script and original brief.

When the filming is done, our videographer will send you three music samples that might work as background music for the video. Pick the one you like most, and we will use it. The cost of this is included in the quote.


In the editing process, there are three rounds of edits: A rough cut, a fine cut and a final cut. The rough cut consists of getting the content of the video right and includes placement of dialogue, timing and sound. You will get this video via a private YouTube link, and we will ask you to provide feedback. Feedback must include a description of the changes to be made, along with the time that the shot or scene occurs. This will ensure our videographer knows exactly where and when to make the change. Take your time providing clear feedback, as this is the stage where you can make the most changes in the video. Make sure you speak with everyone who might influence the final product.

When we receive the feedback about the rough changes, our videographer will work on a fine cut for you. This version also includes logo and music insertion, name tags and branding. Colours will be boosted and more footage inserted to make the video more interesting. 

We will then send you the fine cut for feedback. This version of the video will be the closest one to completion, so only minor changes can be made. Any major changes at this point may incur further cost depending on how long they take to edit.

Once your final round of feedback has been sent to the videographer, the final video will be made for you.

Good to go!

We ask for your final sign off, and then our videographer will send you links to the video in its highest quality. Alternatively if you provide a hard drive or USB, our videographer can provide you with a physical copy of the video.

With regards to the footage we filmed for your project, we can hold onto it for three months in case you decide to edit more videos at additional cost. After three months however, your files will be deleted. If keeping the footage is important to you, our videographer can put the files on a hard drive if you provide one.

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