We offer a broad range of consultancy services to health services and organisations.

We bring a high level of experience and understanding of consumer engagement and participation in diverse contexts, and a strong capacity to work collaboratively and effectively with health services, professionals and others.

We can assist you in areas such as:

  • Developing consumer and community engagement frameworks, policies and strategies
  • Undertaking assessment or reviews of your consumer and community engagement initiatives
  • Undertaking consultations with staff and consumers for quality improvement
  • Supporting you to establish or review your organisation's consumer advisory committee 
  • Recruiting and supporting consumer representatives for your committees, reference groups or focus groups
  • Supporting you to become a health literate organisation
  • Developing the capacity of your organisation and the consumers who are working with you through mentoring and tailored training

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Current projects

Here is a list of projects that we are currently working on with consumers and health organisations.

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