Safer Care Victoria Medical Emergency Team (MET) expert working group

SCV's Medical Emergency Team (MET) is looking for 2 consumers to join their Expert Working Group


Most health services across Victoria have a Medical Emergency Team (MET) call system. A MET call occurs when a patient has a sudden deterioration in their physical wellbeing whilst being cared for in a health service. For example, when a patient has difficulty with breathing or has a very fast heart rate. Staff caring for that patient call a medical emergency team to urgently review and treat the patient. This team is generally deployed from either a critical care (intensive care unit, high dependency unity) or emergency care area.  Safer Care Victoria (SCV) is convening a new group  to improve and standardise MET call systems across Victoria.


The aim of the working group is to refine and finalise a package of MET call resources, which will then be available to all Victorian health services. The resources will focus on the management and revision (governance) of the MET call system and ways to encourage involvement of the patients care team in the MET call system.

The Consumer Role

Two consumers are required to participate in discussions and decisions associated with the refinement, development and final approval of the MET call resource package. The consumers will provide a consumer/patient perspective in the discussions to ensure that the resource package meets the needs for all those involved in MET calls.

We are looking for consumers who have been a patient, or the relative/carer of a patient, who has had a critical care admission. This includes an overnight stay in an intensive care unit, a high dependency unit or has experienced an acute deterioration requiring a Medical Emergency Team (MET) call.


The working group will meet on a regular basis every 2-3 weeks for up to 3 months, with the first meeting scheduled on June 27 2019 at 1-3 pm. Subsequent meetings will be held on July 11 and August 8, 2019

Meetings will be held at 50 Lonsdale St. Ideally all members are required to attend in person for the first meeting and teleconferencing for subsequent meetings will be available thereafter.


A fee of $112.50 will be paid for meetings lasting less than 4 hours. Pre-reading is not covered but is considered part of the meeting expenses. Consumers are eligible to claim reimbursement for travel costs, with evidence, including parking, public transport, taxi/Uber and kilometre rates if driving,

To Apply

Consumers interested in joining the working group can apply by emailing and include the following:

  1.  ‘CCCN MET expert working group’ in the subject line
  2. Your name
  3. A paragraph discussing each of the following:
  • Why you are interested in being involved in the working group
  • Any relevant experience or skills you will bring to the group

Closing Date

June 16, 2019

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