Dental Health Services Vic Consumer Advisory Network

DHSV invites several consumers to take part in their Consumer Advisory Network (CAN)


DHSV provides Victorians with quality oral healthcare through The Royal Dental Hospital of Melbourne (RDHM) and by purchasing dental services for consumers from more than 50 community dental agencies throughout Victoria.


Hearing what you think is important. It makes sure that our services meet your needs and expectations. By working with the people who use our services we can improve the experience of Dental Health Services Victoria including the Dental Hospital.

We invite you to share your lived experiences which will help inform us  to make our services more inclusive . It’s about giving feedback, testing things and designing them so they are in line with the needs of the community.

DHSV’s Community Advisory Network is a group of consumers that help us improve our services by:

  • giving us feedback through surveys or feedback online
  • being interviewed about your experiences
  • testing the design of our materials, websites, processes or spaces
  • participating in design workshops, community forums and focus groups
  • advocating for people and issues you care about

You can participate face-to-face, over the phone or online; whichever you prefer. By signing up to the network we will put you on our mailing list. This means that when we have a new project we will send out an email to you. If you would like to participate you can tell us; then we can figure out the details together.

Expressions of interest from rural areas are encouraged. Members receive an attendance fee for meetings as well as reimbursements for any reasonable expenses incurred. Depending on the task, we reimburse CAN members to participate in any number of activities. For example: You might receive a $50 giftcard for a 2 hour interview.

To Apply

Interested community members can complete a registration form available online or by emailing or by calling Jo Szczepanska on 9341 1801 (during business hours).  The registration starts with a quick six questions.

For more information please contact Jo on 93411801 or e-mail

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