Advisory committees

An advisory committee is a group that provides strategic advice to a Minister, an area of government, the management or board of a health organisation.

Some advisory committees will be established as ongoing entities. Examples of these are health service Community Advisory Committee or Community Advisory Groups. These committees are made up of people who have been chosen for their expertise as a user of the health service and/or connections to the broader community using the health service.

Other advisory committees may be set up for a short period of time to provide advice on a particular policy or an individual health services project. Advisory committees are often set up in the broader healthcare sector to provide advice to professional bodies, research institutes, the Department of Health and Human Services and the Minister.

Having the conversation

The role of a consumer on an advisory committee is to bring the consumer perspective into the conversation and ensure it is included in the group’s decision-making and recommendations. To do this the consumer will draw not only on their own life and healthcare experiences but on the needs and concerns of other consumers and the community using the healthcare system.

We often support the recruitment of consumer representatives for advisory committees across the healthcare sector.

We also provide a range of support services for consumers who are either already appointed to advisory committees or interested in joining one. Many of these services are provided via our Consumers Connect Program.

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Consumer Connect

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