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Health Issues Centre offers a range of training in Melbourne’s CBD or at your preferred location.

Health Issues Centre has four distinct types of training available for consumers throughout the year: Workshops, Accredited Training, and Skills and Tailored Programs.

The workshops, training courses and programs have been designed to benefit consumers, encouraging participants to use their unique knowledge and experience to be active in their own health care. This will mean consumers can contribute to a better health system with improved outcomes and experiences for everyone. The training programs are delivered by qualified staff with over fifteen years of teaching experience.

What consumer training do we offer?

Consumer Workshops

We offer half-day workshops at our Melbourne CBD location throughout the year. The workshops have been specifically designed to help consumers work collaboratively with health and community services organisations. For groups of 10 or more, Health Issues Centre staff can deliver the workshops at a location of your choosing. These can be held at any time, but are subject to staff availability. The workshops cover everything from key definitions to relevant guiding principles and how you can use your skills and knowledge in real, practical ways.

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It is a requirement of several national and Victorian quality and safety standards to partner with consumers. For example, Standard 2: Partnering with consumers in the new edition of the National Safety and Quality Health Service Standards (NSQHS) and the Safer Care Victoria Partnering in Healthcare Framework.

These standards and frameworks allocate an important role to consumers. It is important then for consumer representatives and leaders to have the skills and knowledge to participate effectively and aid the health services they are engaged with to meet accreditation and other requirements.

The new set of skills traing we offer include:

  • Consumer training aiding services meet accreditation
  • Corporate Governance for Consumers
  • Training for peer support convenors/facilitators

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Accredited Training

We currently offer the only accredited training of its kind in Australia. The nationally accredited Course in Consumer Leadership has been specifically developed for the health and community services sector in Australia. It provides consumers with the knowledge, skills and resources needed to promote engagement between consumers and health service staff. At the end of the three-day course, participants will receive full accreditation in line with state and national safety and quality standards.

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Skills and Tailored Programs

We offer specific skills based programs in addition to our off-the-shelf workshops and accredited training. These programs have been designed in collaboration with health services to identify, respond to and meet the needs of health and community service organisations and consumer representatives.

The skills and tailored programs are delivered over a half or full day of face-to-face training and can be held at your location. The program sessions utilise adult-learning, interactive approaches to training to highlight best practice in consumer engagement approaches from around the world.

We are able to travel anywhere in Australia and accommodate up to 25 participants for our skills and tailored programs. We can explore all options to ensure that we cater to your requirements.

A list of topics that we cover can be found here.

For more information on the skills programs we currently hold, or to discuss a session tailored specific to your health consumer needs, contact Dr Tere Dawson on (03) 8676 9057 or via email at with any queries.

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