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New Training in 2018

Health Issues Centre has a range of training available to consumers and health and community staff throughout the year. Whether you're interested in our half-day workshops, our nationally accredited training courses or a tailored skills-based program, we are able to meet your needs.

The training programs that we offer have been designed to benefit the individual, and encourage participants to use their unique knowledge and experience to learn from one another and contribute to a better, equitable health care system that meets and responds to everyone's needs.

Our training programs are delivered by qualified staff with over fifteen years teaching experience.

What is the current schedule? 


Wednesday, 11 April - Clinical Governance for Health Consumers

Wednesday, 9 May - Co-Production in Health Services

Accredited Training:

Tuesday, 8 May - Course in Consumer Leadership

Wednesday, 6 June - Graduate Certificate in Consumer Engagement

Interested in learning about a topic you can't see here?

We always offer on-site workshop packages for groups of ten or more participants at your preferred location. The courses have been specifically designed for consumers and health services staff and can be held at any time. We are also happy to discuss your specific training needs and preferences to design a course relevant to your organisation.  A list of topics that we usually cover can be found here for consumers and here for health services staff.

Please contact Dr Tere Dawson on (03) 8676 9057 or via email with any queries.

Published 16 January 2018 by

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