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Launch: Peer support videos and podcast

Peer support or people supporting people for better health can be an incredible adjunct to the wonderful care provided by our health professionals. Sometimes though, it can be overlooked as an important component of chronic disease self-management.

In the third year of our work in this area, Health Issues Centre focused our efforts in raising awareness of the value and power of peer support through training and the development of online tools.

We are very excited to announce today, the launch of two short videos and one podcast in peer support. They will encourage greater participation in peer support and break down some of the myths about it. 


People supporting people for better health
Peer support: a self-management tool for your patients


Our interview with Dr Jessica Browne from the The Australian Centre for Behavioural Research in Diabetes was so insightful we developed a podcast of it. Listen here.

It is also available via iTunes

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Esther Lim

Published 16 June 2016 by

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