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Health Issues Centre has a videography service for health services

Whether it is video as entertainment or video to convey important information, more and more people are watching the story or message unfold on a big screen, on their tablet or on their mobile. If proof in the pudding is needed, just ask YouTube. It has over one billion users – and that is one-third of users of the internet!

What does that all mean for health services across Victoria?

If you are trying to manage change in your workplace through training, wanting to engage your community in new ways of thinking, or just trying to spread the word through social media channels, a video might be the answer.

When the power of video is harnessed, it reaches the people that matter the most to you, and it conveys your message with clarity and creativity.

But how do you make a video?  Health Issues Centre can assist in working out concepts, developing the creative and taking you through the content creation.

We understand health. And we understand the consumers who use services and want to be a part of improving healthcare for all Victorians.

We also understand video and have an experienced in-house service. Our team can help you to develop key messages, work with you on a creative concept, make the video and even assist with getting the word out.

The process is easy and our team will guide you through each stage.

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