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Ideas for recruiting consumers to sit on a committee, participate in focus groups or as advisers on projects.

What we do

We have a network of over 300 consumers, called the Consumers Step Up (CSU) program. The program has a dual purpose. One is to connect health services or government bodies with consumers for positions on committees, focus groups or projects. The second aim is to assist consumer representatives through training, support and networking opportunities.

We are often approached by health services and government looking for consumers to sit on a committee, participate in focus groups or as advisers on projects. 

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If you are a health provider or health-related organisation, complete the Consumer Request Form.

If you are from the Department of Health & Human Services, complete the Consumers Step Up DHHS request form.

These forms will help you describe:

  • The activity consumers will be involved in
  • The skills, experience and interests you are seeking from consumers
  • The time commitment that consumers will be required to give

Based on the information you provide us, we will inform CSU members of the request. We recommend that you submit your form to us at least three weeks before the commencement date.

To assist you with involving consumers in your organisation or committee we have developed Getting Started: Involving Consumers on Committees.

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