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Course in Consumer Leadership and Vocational Graduate Certificate in Consumer Engagement - classes starting soon, register today!

Health Issues Centre is Australia's only provider of these accredited, innovative training programs for consumer leaders and health service staff. Enrolments for our 2013 courses are now open.

To view details of the course contents, click here:
Consumer Leadership 2014 Course Outline
Vocational Graduate Certificate in Consumer Engagement 2014 Course Outline

To view the course information and registration forms, click here:
Accredited Training Courses 2014

Health services and organisations who have a group of 10 or more consumers or staff members wishing to do one of the courses can have it delivered on site for a substantial discount. Please contact us for further information at (03) 9664 9343.

15 May 2014 - Program Now Available
Patient Experience Forum: Consumer Perspectives Transforming Healthcare

This one-day forum will feature presentations and workshops by experienced consumers and health professionals, and include the following sessions:

- What is the patient experience and why is it important?
- Implementing patient experience improvements
- How can we best capture patient experience?
- Moving from vision to reality: A systematic approach to changing patient experience
- How do we use patient experience data to transform healthcare and improve the quality of care?

Full Program available here:Patient Experience Forum Program
Registration form available here: Patient Experience Forum 2014 Registration Form

Health Issues Journal - Call for Papers

The next issue of the journal is dedicated to the planning for and the implementation of Standard 2: Partnering with consumers. For more information on submitting an opinion piece or news for Health Issues, click here: Health Issues Centre Call for Papers - Issue 112

Health Issues Centre has long had a role helping health services and the Victorian Department of Health to find appropriate consumers for committees, working groups and involving them in other forms of engagement.

Consumers Step Up is a new consumer register that allows us to
• meet the growing need for involved consumers by connecting consumers with health services, health-related organisations and the Department
• provide on-going support, training and networking opportunities to consumers
• develop a speaker’s bank of consumers which will provide a resource of qualified speakers as well as encouraging greater use of the patient and family narrative

Join any time
We aim to keep this process very simple. We ask the consumer to complete the A5 card and return that to us. There is no cost to join Consumers Step Up and we do not share your information with anybody else.

For further information, please download the registration form here:
Consumers Step Up Registration Form

If you have any questions about "Consumers Step Up",please contact Susan Biggar on 03 9664 9343 or email :s.biggar@healthissuescentre.org.au

The Health Issues Centre was established in 1983 to build a community and consumer voice in health. Its focus was enabling, encouraging and innovating, linking with health professionals, community and self-help groups, translating health information and health policy and supporting the community to develop a strong consumer voice in health. This has continued to be its mission for the last 29 years.

Our vision
Health Issues Centre works towards a health system with equitable health outcomes, organised around the interests of consumers, who as health service users, carers and citizens are actively involved in shaping the health care system and in decisions about their health.

Our purpose
Health Issues Centre promotes improvements to the health care system from the perspectives of consumers, with an emphasis on equity, and promotes and provides expertise on consumer participation in health.

What we do
• We consult with consumers about their health needs and experiences
• We influence government policy on behalf of consumers through making submissions and representation on key government committees and boards
• We network across the consumer health sector and related community sector organisations
• We train, mentor, and support consumers and carers, consumer organisations and health services undertaking consumer participation
• We support consumer representatives on policy and health services committees
• We partner with health services, professional organisations, health sector peak and coordinating organisations to advance consumer participation
• We maintain a knowledge bank and clearing house on consumer, community and carer perspectives and participation
• We undertake health policy related research and consultancies

After many years at Latrobe University Bundoora, we have now relocated to:
Health Issues Centre
Level 8
255 Bourke Street
Phone number: (03) 9664 9343
Fax number: (03) 9663 7955

We thank you for your continued support and welcome you to visit our new office

Stop This Meeting, I Want To Get Off!

If you attended our Forum in October 2013, "Where partnership makes sense: community participation in primary and community health", you would recall our humble sketch shedding light on the practicalities of engaging and empowering consumers.

Upon request, we have now filmed and produced a video clip of the sketch for consumers and health service staff to use in training courses, orientation sessions etc. Accompanying the clip are facilitator notes to assist with group discussions after the clip has been viewed.

Link to video (copy and paste link): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ofs39XnkU88

Stop this meeting I want to get off - Facilitator's Notes

We encourage you to use and circulate this resource widely but please acknowledge HIC.